Docs Builder | Generate PDF from templates

Docs Builder is a powerful integration designed to simplify document creation within

With Docs Builder, you can effortlessly generate PDF documents from Google DocsTM templates, seamlessly replacing placeholders with real-time data from your boards.

Say goodbye to manual document creation and experience a more efficient workflow with Docs Builder.

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How Does Docs Builder Work?

1. Installation
  - Visit the Marketplace and find "Docs Builder."
  - Install the Docs Builder app and select the target board.
  - Follow the prompts for installation.

2. Template Preparation
  - Create a Google DocsTM template with designated placeholders (e.g., {{CustomerName}}, {{InvoiceNumber}} ).
  - Save the template in your Google DriveTM.

3. Accessing Docs Builder
  - Log in to and navigate to the relevant board containing the data for document generation.

4. Create a Recipe
  - Set up a recipe based on your specific requirements.
  - Choose the columns where you want to save the generated PDF file at the end of the process.

5. Generating PDF Files
  - When you run your recipe, Docs Builder will automatically initiate the document generation process.

6. Output File Placement
  - The resulting PDF file will be automatically saved based on your column selection during recipe creation.

This streamlined approach ensures that the document generation process is automated, making it convenient for users to generate PDF files from data using Docs Builder. If you have any additional questions or require further assistance, feel free to consult our support resources or reach out to our team for guidance.

Example: Creating a Customer Invoice with Docs Builder

Let's say you run a small business and need to create invoices for your clients. Docs Builder makes this process a breeze.

1. Template Setup

You've created a Google Docs template for your invoices. It has special placeholders, denoted by double curly braces, like this

Customer Name: {{CustomerName}}
Invoice Number:  {{InvoiceNumber}}
Amount Due: {{AmountDue}}

2. Board Data

In your board, you have an item for a recent transaction:

Name : John Doe
Invoice : INV-001
Amount : $1000

3. Automatic Replacement

When you use Docs Builder, it automatically takes this information and puts it into your template. So, it replaces {{CustomerName}} with John Doe, {{InvoiceNumber}} with INV-001, and {{AmountDue}} with $1000.

4. Generated Invoice

The result is a complete invoice that looks like this:
Customer Name: John Doe
Invoice Number: INV-001
Amount Due: $1000

5. Save and Send

You can then save this invoice and send it to your client, all within