Powerful document creation toolPowerful document creation tool.

    With Docs Builder, you can effortlessly generate PDF documents from Google DocsTM templates, seamlessly replacing placeholders with real-time data from your monday.com boards.

    Say goodbye to manual document creation and experience a more efficient workflow with Docs Builder.

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    How it works ??

    Creating professional PDFs with Docs Builder is a breeze! Our platform seamlessly integrates with monday.com and Google Docs templatesTM to simplify your document creation process.

    Step 1: Create Google Docs Template

    Create a Google Docs templateTM and define the placeholders for the dynamic content. Docs Builder will automatically replace these placeholders with the data from your monday.com board.

    Google Docs template creation screen.

    Step 2: Install and Connect Docs Builder

    Install Docs Builder and connect it to your monday.com account. Our intuitive interface makes this step effortless, allowing you to establish a seamless connection in no time.

    Installation screen of the monday.com app.

    Step 3: Set Up monday.com Automation

    Customize monday.com automation to match your requirements. Define the triggers and conditions that will initiate the PDF generation process. Whether it's course completion certificates, invoices, or personalized emails, Docs Builder adapts to your workflow.

    monday.com automation recipe creation screen.

    Frequently asked questions

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